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Every puppy from our kennel get a certificate of Polish Kennel Club,
and then a FCI pedigree.

If you buy a puppy with pedigree you are not obliged to go with him for a show.
The pedigree means that your dog will have a character which you expect 
- full of temperament, not agresive, intelligent dog.
And he will look like a Labrador, of course :-)
We try to breed dogs of similar type, great temperament and with english bloodlines,
 but first of all healthy dogs.

We raise our puppies at home, keeping  contact with our child and other dogs 
and if weather allows  spending a lot of time in garden, using sunbaths and fresh air.

Puppies leave our kennel in the age of 8 weeks when they are vaccinated and
several times dewormed.

Every new puppy owner gets:
- every needed documents - certificate from  Polish Kennel Club
and book of health,
-puppy first food and toys - for the first days in new home,
-selfmade information sheet for the puppy buyers.


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