Optigen A - wolny po rodzicach
HD-A, ED-0/0 - wolny od dysplazji
 EIC ( zapaść wysiłkowa ) -N/N - czysty
parakeratoza nosa ) - N/N - czysty
CNM ( miopatia ) - N/N - czysty
HD-A, ED-0/0 -  wolna od dysplazji
prcd-PRA - N/N - Optigen A
Ch.Pl. Mł.Ch.Pl.

San Miguel
UK,USA Ch Farnfield Topo Gigio Int.Ch.Charm Bluveil Mr Darcy Am.Ch. Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley
Am.Ch.Charm's Dancing To The Music
Sh.Ch.Kimvalley Star Attraction of Farnfield Jayncourt Star Turn At Sandylands
Langshott Black Velvet At Kimvalley
Sharouns Lady Godiva Sh.Ch. Harrop Happy Go Lucky to Sharouns Lakemeadow Look No Further Than Sharouns
 On The Horizon To Harrop
Sharouns Destinys Chilg (JW) Sharouns Budweiser
Jap.Ch. Bloom Of Tracker House
Adele Kociokwik Centenalee Snow Games At Rocheby Rocheby Suttonpark Travis Sh Champion Rocheby Whiskey Mac
Rocheby Popstar
Rocheby Snow Scene Sh.Ch. Silver Suede over Rocheby
  Rocheby Ice

Sushi Kociokwik 
MULTI CH Rocheby Smokescreen Rocheby Old Smokey
Follytower Sky Lark
Ch.Pl. Yaga Kociokwik Ch Cz, Cz Pracy Rocheby Union Jack
Ch Pl, Mł.Ch.Pl.
Adventurer`s Naughty But Nice


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