Optigen A, EIC - wolny,
HD-A, ED-0/0 - wolny od dysplazji

Zwycięzca Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej
Optigen A
HD-A, ED-0/0 -  wolna od dysplazji



Mł.Ch.Pl & Rosji. Ch.Rosji
Devonshire Crusader

Am Ch Devonshire
Limited Edition
Timberland Woodsman At Lor-Al Lor-Al's Direct Deposit
Crossfire The Tempest At Timberland
Devonshires Abbey Lane AMCH Dickendall Davaron Gable
By Jove Millicent Fenwick
Devonshire Claire Bear Ch Blackthorn Rocks U Too BISS Ch. Ghoststone Louie Downtown
Ch. Blackthorn's Chatty Cathy
Devonshires Peaches & Cream Ch Langshott Gale Force From Kimvaley
Ch Devonshire Art of Elegance

Emilly Kociokwik

MULTI CH Rocheby Smokescreen Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Nave Blue
Rocheby Polkadot
Follytower Sky Lark Cannonridge Jacson
Follytower Pandora at Rocheby
  Ch Pl, Mł.Ch.Pl.
Adventurer`s Naughty But Nice
Multi Ch. Chancellor Merry Carromer Mystery
Ardmargha Good Fortune
FIN&EST CHMellows Killing Fantasy MULTI CH Carromer Charlie Chalk
FIN CH Mellows Fair Fantasy


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